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My name is Jan Björklund and generally called “Janzu” by nearly everyone around me. I’ve been traveling all my life, first domestically throughout my childhood and then as an adult internationally both for pleasure and business. I’ve also lived abroad twice, two years in Poland and three years in Denmark specifically. All the changes have made it easy for me to embrace the change rather than resist it.

I remain calm, pragmatic and stay objective even when people around me would get carried away by emotion. Perhaps its the metal music I listen to which keeps me calm, or perhaps its the team sports I’ve played majority of my life which steers me towards the common goal. I’m transparent, humble, trustworthy and honest both in my work life and private life. Why should people behave differently when they’re at work after all?

There’s many people out there with better education than me, and many people with more experience than me, but none of my old managers wanted me to go when it was time for a change. In fact, all my old managers would recommend others to hire me going forward, or would hire me back in the future. But you don’t have to take just my word for it, as you can find most of them in the references section. This to me is the biggest compliment we can have during our working careers, and that is something I continue to strive for in the future. Now its time to turn the manager references into “Janzu” client references, a new journey I’m excited to embark on.

My core strengths are in project- and process management within financial services, but since 2016 I’ve managed projects from small to very large size across several business functions. The biggest project of my career so far has to be managing a carve out of a multi-million business function to a company of its own. Although managing full IT and ERP migration project does not pale much in comparison. I’m a fixer, the person who gets things done and I truly enjoy it.

My stakeholder management skills are strong on all organizational levels and I’m constantly thinking of end-to-end processes across the business functions. As an experienced, independent and deadline oriented problem solving specialist, I’m creating value by challenging status quo and thrive to eliminate waste from the current business processes. Through international exposure, both privately and professionally, I’ve become highly adaptive to cultural differences and work well within international environment. The fact that we’re all different makes life so rich after all.

Ideally, one day, I will combine my passion to explore the world and make my work location independent. The change would enable me to perform on highest levels at all times and further improves the work life balance. Until this becomes reality, routine remote work possibilities are of high importance. The ever digitizing world supports the location independent work better day-by-day and I see that as a mega trend of the future, which I’m ready to embrace with open arms. Below my CV, biggest milestones and references for review.

Jan Björklund


2017 - 2018 December

Transition Manager

Froneri Finland, Espoo, Finland


Business Development Manager

Nestlé Finland, Espoo, Finland

2011 - 2015

Nordic Finance Project Specialist

Nestlé Denmark, Copenhagen & Helsinki, Denmark & Finland


Accounts Receivable Specialist

Nestlé Finland, Espoo, Finland

2010 - 2011

Accounts Payable Specialist

Hewlett-Packard, Wroclaw, Poland


Project Manager, Demerger

Project manager in a business division demerger leading the division carve out process and all the steps related to setting up an independent company for the business division.

Project Manager, Outsourcing

Project manager in outsourcing accounts receivable department of four countries to a service center.

Project Manager, Transition

Plan-, Manage- and execute the exit from 31 transitional service agreements across all business functions (multi-million EUR scope).

Project Manager, SAP ERP implementation

Business project manager in internal SAP migration from one company code to another.

Project Manager, JD Edwards ERP implementation

JD Edwards ERP local implementation project manager in a globally managed implementation project.

CO-Project Manager, IT Infrastructure migration

CO-Project Manager in IT infrastructure migration across two sites.



Bachelor of Business Administration

Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Espoo, Finland


Finnish 100%
English 99%


Fixer, Problem Solving 96%
Project- and Transition Management 93%
Finance 92%
Procure-to-Pay Processes 92%
Business Process Analysis and Design 90%
Order-to-Cash Processes 90%
Outsourcing & Shared Services 90%
Internal Controls & Audit 83%
EDI 75%


MS Office tools 92%
SAP (ERP) 85%
JD Edwards (ERP) 78%



Jan is a strong professional with wide finance and business knowledge combined with good project management and communication skills. In projects we shared, he showed excellent commitment and ownership, helping people to concentrate on essentials or final details depending on issue with good results. Jan is good in understanding different processes and resources and his ability to standardise and develop ways of working with maximum use of tools is highly appreciated. I am more than happy to recommend him to different kinds of projects.

Varpu Savolainen,
Head of Finance,
Froneri Finland

Jan was the Nestle Nordics Project Manager in the demerger of the Nestle Finland ice-cream business leading to a creation of Froneri Finland Oy in October 2016, part of a new global joint venture called Froneri. The project was completed ahead of the originally communicated timeline. Jans contribution to the flawless execution was fundamental. He managed the project independently, aligning people to solve complicated matters and meet deadlines on time. Jan also understood when to seek for help for matters needing escalation. Personally I could rely on Jan at all times and could share and delegate confidential topics to him.

The project was considered very successful among the stakeholders and exceeded the set expectations. All key stakeholders offered extremely good feedback on Jans professionalism and ability to remain calm and focused during both the time of demerger and creation of the new company. I was happy to recruit Jan as ERP implementation project manager to success his previous tasks.

Johanna Sewón-Kievari,
Managing Director,
Froneri Finland

I had an opportunity work with Jan for couple of years at Nestlé Nordics. Originally I hired him as accountants receivable specialist however it was very soon clear that he had talent for more. We worked together for couple of years going thru several system and process improvement projects at Nestlé. Jan is flexible, positive and uttermost determined team player. No project was too small for him, he was humble to deal with all issue. Jan was always resourceful, often coming up with out of box ideas.

Jan masters both SAP transactions and MS Office, and when needed, he learned other programs. He has good presentation skills and communicates with senior management naturally. Jan has an internal drive to deliver high quality results on time. His cure for set backs and issues: positive attitude! Sometimes he even tried to cure flue with it 🙂 I can sincerely recommend Jan for any project: implementing, improving or fixing of complex situations across finance!

Jani-Tapio Niemelä,
Senior Business Controller Manager,
Nestlé CZ & SK

I was the manager of Jan from January 2014 until March 2015. I had the pleasure of working with him much earlier as well. In the time at Nestlé, he has had many different roles and he has always delivered results on time and in quality. He has a positive outlook and nothing cannot be corrected or improved. He is an excellent project manager where he takes on all aspects and ensure the delivery of the project with success. In the process he interacts will all levels of the organization and manages to interact them all in the right way and with integrity. I can strongly recommend Jan as a future employee of yours.

Connie Damgaard,
Head of Decision Support,
Nestlé Denmark

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