Project Management

Do you have a project where you would need a competent person to manage it or perhaps need a project member? Do you need consulting on how a project should be structured, or perhaps your project manager needs a sparring partner?

Nowadays increasing headcounts can be a tough sell to any management, so its also added value to have the project management costs in the variable costs instead of fixed costs.

I'm available for part-time and full-time contract work for various types of assignments.


This point is something thats usually not advertised as a service, but since I've been doing this most of my working career, why not put it here too?

Progressively since the beginning of my career, I've solved issues that seemed to be always further and further away from my job description, but since I could one way or another always help, more and more people kept coming up.

I admit, being a fixer is fun, so let me be your go-to fixer!

Management Consulting

Do you have a topic you'd like an objective view on? You can hire me to consult only, or you can hire me to also get it done.

The consulting relationship can be just as short or long term as you want it to be, but the long-term relationships always outweigh the short-term relationships in value!

Business Process Optimization

When is the last time someone has objectively analysed your business processes in detail and provided a list of objective recommendations?

Do you have standard routines documented and rolled out? Are those reviewed and improved upon on a regular basis?

Do you have new business processes or changes where you need process design and roll out support?

I can help with all the above and much more!

Transition Management

Outsourcing business processes to service centers, setup new teams and business processes, to lead a business carve-out project - its all familiar to me. I can steer you through the transition either on consulting basis or manage it for you!

I've been in transition all my life, starting from moving around from one city to another as a child and then - well - moving from one city to another as an adult and then travel a lot on top!

This gives a background why transition- and change management is not frightening to me. Actually, staying still without any change is the frightening part.

Contact me now!

Lets discuss how we can tailor make a service to fit your needs.

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